Chadwick & Spector


The Georgetown Art Center is currently hosting the exhibit Museum Anatomy, by the artists Chadwick and Spector. A piece of artwork, a recreation in plaster casting and oil of the painting Sybille, Princess of Cleves, after Lucas Cranach, the Elder fell off the wall in the early morning hours of Friday, October 18th. The wire supporting the piece sheared, causing the framed artwork to drop from the wall. The plaster portion of the work was damaged.

“The project Museum Anatomy has spent 20 years exploring artwork that has been stolen, destroyed, or lost. This week a work of our own which we created over the course of the past year is now lost and destroyed. While we grieve our loss, we also acknowledge that our work now has a new layer of meaning and true understanding of what the works we recreate have endured.” – Chadwick & Spector, October 20, 2013

The piece sustained irreparable damage. The exhibit will continue until November 10th.



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