Chadwick & Spector

Museum Anatomy – HEIST

As Museum Anatomy developed, more casts were created to give greater flexibility for new compositions. It also created more sculpture within the art making process.  Simultaneously, a great interest began to start researching stolen paintings. After reading dozens of case histories of art heists, Chadwick & Spector decided to use both the FBI and several published books for research and reference materials specific to art theft. In 2011, they created their first sculptural maquette of a cast of Chadwick’s hand, painted with oils. The work was based on a stolen Lucas Cranach painting.

They continue to pursue their investigation of exploring what happens when the painted human form begins to interrupt the picture plane as if it were coming alive, emerging from surface of the painting. They have also begun including anatomical structures within the paintings, (Ex. Below: “Eleanor of Austria, after Joos van Cleve”.), creating another layer of multi-stable imagery to explore. The intention is not to copy or forge the original artwork, but rather to re-invasion and reinterpret the artwork in it’s new context.

Chadwick & Spector continue to strategically organize their Museum Anatomy paintings so that they can reveal multiple images cohesivley integrated into a single work of art. This new development of their artwork is entitled, “Museum Anatomy – Heist”.

Migration after Rembrants Storm on the Sea of Galilea -1164

Migration after Rembrandt’s “Storm on the Sea of Galilea”

Mary after da vinci-1150

Mary Magdalene,  after da Vinci (attributed)

Judith With Head of Holofernes after Cranach Heist-1097

Judith With Head of Holofernes after Cranach

Girl Reading-1145

Reading Girl, after Domenico Fetti

Marie Medici after Rubens Heist-1139Marie Medici after Rubens Heist-1136

Portrait of Marie de Medici, after Peter Paul Rubens

mouth open heist-1116mouth open heist-1127

 Eleanor of Austria, after Joos van Cleve